How can i earn extra cash in the uk only?

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mini.cooper14 asked:

i want to get a few extra pounds but how? help!

Are there any legitimate online jobs that allow you to work from home?

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Country grl asked:

I work full time as a medical transcriptionist and have been looking for online transcription jobs or other legitimate jobs that I can do part-time from at home. I have a diploma for transcription but only have about 2 months on the job experience but all online jobs require at least 2 years. I’m looking for any part-time at home job in either transcription or something else……no survery scams though please! those are never real

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Home based business for someone with tax background?

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Ann N asked:

I have an accounting degree, specifically in taxes and looking for a home based business that fits my back ground. Any ideas?

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How can I find a home based business that isn’t a rip off?

Posted by admin in Small Business on December 15th, 2009 |  9 Comments »
Lowcard52 asked:

I am looking for a home based business that I can do from my computer at home without a large investment. With all the financial freedom ads on the internet, how do you know that they are on the up and up? Is there a reliable source that list the real ones?

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Can I claim tax deductions even if my home-based business didn’t make a penny?

Posted by admin in Other - Taxes on December 12th, 2009 |  2 Comments »
moneyreligion asked:

Does a business, home-based or not, need to have any sort of income to get the tax deduction advantages?

Help me be less accounting challenged.

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I am looking for an honest and reliable home based business. Any ideas?

Posted by admin in Small Business on December 10th, 2009 |  2 Comments »
godess178 asked:

I answered an ad on the internet the other day about a home based business come to find out it was herbal-life and they wanted me to pay $400 for some kit. If you are looking for more money in a business what makes them think that you have that kind of money to spend? So my question is who knows of a legit home business that I can do for a minimum start up fee?

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is ther any online jobs that i do from home?

Posted by admin in Small Business on December 9th, 2009 |  3 Comments »
Beena S asked:

I am searching for a job. Can anyone suggest any online jobs that i can do from home? I could not pay any initial fees for that. If at all there is any initial payment , they could always reduce it from their return payment. And one more, will the work be legal?

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Should I apply for jobs in person or online?

Posted by admin in Technology on December 5th, 2009 |  2 Comments »
Shane asked:

I am going to applying for summer jobs and I wonder if I should apply for jobs online, or in person. Some places only accept online applications and I understand applying in person only means picking up an application and returning it. Is there any advantage to going in person to get an application or should I continue filling them out online?


Do u know any websites for doing online part time jobs?

Posted by admin in Technology on November 26th, 2009 |  5 Comments »
beta asked:

I was looking for jobs online to boost my income and I heard about online surveys and data entry jobs online that pay for certain hours of work. Do u know any of these sites that pay for doing online jobs?

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Ending a home based business – what are the tax implications?

Posted by admin in United States on November 25th, 2009 |  3 Comments »
Eric M asked:

I’ve been writing off my home based business for the last few years. If I stop using that portion of my home solely for my business, how do I indicate that on my taxes?

Additionally, does anyone know of any resources that indicate what the implications are of stopping a home based business write-off?

I see lots of information on how/what to write-off for a home based business, but can’t seem to find anything on what to do when that ends.

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